Sailing Classes

A group finds a better aggregation through an activity that best reproduces the dynamics of teamwork. All the participants who will take part in sailing classes in Venice will be divided into groups that, after a preparatory lesson on the use of sailing boats, notions of the wind, safety and the right behavior to be on board, will be equipped with the related nautical material to start the race. Sailing is a complex activity that deeply involves each person, forcing them to a true mutual knowledge with the person who has to interact, an excellent incentive to learn new topics, gives the possibility to offer each of the important roles but in return requires meaning of responsibility and a hard and constant commitment to achieve tangible results.

Success with sailing classes in Venice

Our sailing classes in the lagoon is an effective experience with Skipper as a team leader, the route as a synonym of strategy, the destination for the goal to reach, the lagoon as a representation of opportunities and risk, harmony, self-control, crew responsibility, and problem-solving to learn how to play a team game by keeping your emotions and stress accumulated in order to reach the finish line even in critical conditions. This is, in summary, what a sailing boat competition can represent in recalling a normal office day where a Company has to impose its leadership on the global market. Nowadays it is extremely important that a company gives the right training to its employees so that they are able to express themselves in the best way even in the most negative situations that can happen every day.

At the end of the sailing classes, in order to involve even more all participants, we provide to delight the palate with a dinner with local products in a beautiful Venetian Osteria.

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