Photography Workshops

Express your feelings

People are often involved in team-building projects in the field of photography through the use of a common camera where they filter an image seen by their gaze and not by the professional eye of the photographer. Photography workshops in Venice were born, in fact, in being able to combine with the support of professional photographers, groups of people who, in this way, can learn new techniques and have more tools to express themselves in absolute freedom through the use of photography.

Team cohesion with our proposals of photography workshops

The added value of this work lies in having elaborated new practices, as well as offering new incentives to the participants so that these methodologies can then be adopted in the company with the other colleagues in order to better cohesion between the various departments. All the participants will be divided into groups, they will all have to collaborate in the group they belong to, so they can express themselves at best with the help of colleagues who are part of the group personally choosing what picture to take. Groups can be trained for their departments or mixed with other departments of the company. Each group will be provided with a digital camera (or your own mobile phone) that will be the soul of their photoshoot. At the end of the race, professional photographers will choose the best photograph and will decide the winning group. This unprecedented team-building activity will take place in areas of absolute beauty and still little known where even today there are monumental palaces and areas that only with the help of local people can be known and immortalized in their photographic lens.

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