Murder Mystery Dinner

Motivate the work of the group to manage in a more conscious way the different business roles by filling any critical organization, optimize marketing techniques, improve the sales department to deal with customers who are more prepared and selective. Murder mystery dinner to learn the relational techniques.

Discover the motive

Test your detective skills, sniffs out clues, do not be fooled by false leads, find the motive, the murder weapon, reconstruct the crime scene and finally stops the culprit before he can commit horrendous crimes still …
During murder mystery dinner, participants are divided by tables and each form an investigative team in the competition with all the others for the solution of the mystery, including interrogation and analysis of the clues that will unfold between courses and the other. At the end of the evening, each team will be invited to indicate the culprit, the motive and the murder weapon.
The real star is you!

A plot of murder mystery dinner

In a stormy night, in the din of the storm, we heard the piercing scream of a woman who fills the room: a girl appears in the doorway, his face whitened with horror, his body swaying and wavering. The poor woman has just the time to whisper to his sister: “Oh my God! It was the speckled band! Here begins the search for clues and investigations by the patriarchy console and an investigator a bit ‘messy!

What mystery that hides the speckled band?

Who killed the young girl?

What is the evidence useful to embed our suspect?

The participants who will have been able to solve the case with more details, a spooky gift will be given.

Plot into Italian is not suitable for foreigners.

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