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A touch of class to your event

For the animation of your event of class in Venice, we propose a scenic reconstruction of some of the most famous casino games in use at the times of Casanova. Croupier in antique costume will follow and coordinate players in this secular fascinating evening full of fun. Small souvenirs will be provided for all players. This entertainment can be performed at any location provided with play tables of at least cm. 100×150.

A truly unforgettable touch to this evening is to have a room set up as a “Casino Casanova”, with the room geared up with scenes dating back to the times of Casanova, with a selection of different games for gambling.

Casanova casino games

Royal Games Venice XVIIIth Century

These fun Casanova casino games are based on a large piece of canvas (cm 150 x 100) with velvet borders which are divided into 80 boxes, each one featuring a different painting or hand-made drawings, such as an animal, person, flower, fruit or various object.  On each side of the canvas, there is an allegorical figure, on one side there is “luck” and on the other side there is “justice”, with the top border reading “Gioco reale oro coperto non si paga”.  Each player will put their money on one of the boxes and at each turn, an object will be selected at random.  If the object matches the drawing on the box where the player placed his/her money, he/she wins!

Game of Biribissi XVIIIth Century

This fun game widely played throughout the 18th Century is based on a large piece of canvas (cm 150 x 100) with velvet borders. Considered to be the ancestor of roulette, in addition to the 36 numbered boxes and figures, there are a variety of other possibilities to affect your bet, such as the 6 columns, the 6 rows, the diagonals, whether the color is black or red, left or right, up or down.  Number 1 represents luck, number 36 representing a cow, in addition to many other figures.  Guests will select a ball, which they will open and inside they will find either a number or a figurine, and if it is the same as the one they have selected….they win!

Noble games of Mea Venice XVIIIth Century

This game features a wooden table with drawings painted on it and a wheel with an arrow.  Guests have to spin the wheel and hope it lands on the drawing they have placed their money on!

Antique Card Games

There will be a selection of card games available, such as blackjack, but all games will be played using antique cards from the 18th Century!!

For all of the above games, guests will be given a pouch of antique money from the 18th Century to gamble with.  At the end of the evening, they will be able to exchange their winnings for different items, such as an antique necklace for example!

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