Quartet Venice

Music for connoisseurs

The Quartet Venice is an instrumental group consisting of two violins, a viola, and a cello or violin, cello, clarinet and piano, and are the highest expressions of the music room for their communicative power and their stylistic value generating a big emotional impact.

The right Quartet Venice for your event 

The Quartet Venice can be used for galas and events in Venice, and its primary purpose is the musical interpretations characterized by a unique and absolute value that put it at the top for the uniqueness of the individual interpretations and for the perfect technical mastery giving a touch of charm to the evening. The repertoire of the Quartet varies from classical music, opera arias, soundtracks, jazz, pop music, traditional music to waltz, tangos and polkas. The group’s music track is rich and includes, in addition to the best-known repertoire, rarely performed works such as the Quartets of G.F.Malipiero (“Criticism Award of Italy” as best chamber music engraving).

A band of European importance with perfect technical mastery and rigor in the musical interpretations that make them unique and still today among the few in covering those musical roles. The Quartet Venice has performed in the best international performances and dazzled remarkable VIP characters of the international jet set. 

Generally, this type of entertainment is offered to customers who have an innate passion for opera and therefore want to be delighted with the best interpretations during their event in the lagoon city. Moreover, these interpretations are combined with the city itself, because Venice has always represented since the times of the Serenissima Repubblica an authentic interpretative jewel through the rediscovery, enhancement and diffusion of the Venetian music of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical at the time of the Doges. The ancient Venetian music proposed will retrace the various sonatas that have occurred over the centuries by Venetians and international authors.

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