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A prestigious event, a gala dinner or a ball in Venice, to be successful not only has to be organized in a beautiful location, but also you have to prepare all the meticulous details to make the scenery unique. The entertainment should be very important in order to make it sparkling and epic so that guests may relax and have fun. These Tenors represent the best in the history of the Italian Opera; their voices will always make us excited, giving us unique feelings deeply tied to our beloved Country.

Top Tenors

Our events are all organized in splendid Palaces on the Grand Canal, in very prestigious luxury hotel with views overlooking the basin of St. Mark’s or in breathtaking Villas scattered aroung the territory. To create situations of enchantment, the location is illuminated with chandeliers as well as other special decorations to make a magical evening. The presence of top Tenors will do the rest; by means of their voices and charisma, will entertain guests with national and international operas in order to enhance even more for the final extra touch of class and romance which will make the night with a crescendo of emotions.

This kind of performances are recommended to an attentive public as the interpretations will enhance the soul shaking deep emotions that only real connoisseurs will appreciate. These Tenors have always represented with their voices the Italian Opera. Time can flow inexorably and we could listen to it endlessly, but the sensations we will experience will be unique and strongly linked to our land.

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