Music in Venice

Local Music

Venice is renowned throughout the world for its wide repertoire of classical and baroque music. Many of the events that we create are made with sweet melodies which can be aimed at business events because all tracks are performed by professional musicians. The typical music in Venice has always been proposed in the best international parterre as it is melodic and arouses sympathy at the same time, therefore all the people love it because it is something unique for its performance and the local clothing that singers wear.

An innovative proposal for your event with music in Venice

Trying to propose something different and exciting, in a few words, a solution that can be tailored to any event, we have thought of an interpretation that goes beyond the classic with a repertoire that always reflects the best traditional music in Venice with unpublished proposals of Venetian musicians that, in addition to the various instruments played, sing exclusively into Venetian dialect as did the Minstrels of the Court inviting participants to take part by dancing and joking with the typical humor that only a Venetian can transmit. Obviously, all songs, for those who wish, may also be sung into Italian language and with the addition of repertoires from other Regions of our beautiful Italy such (Sole Mio, Albano and other famous interpretations famous all over the world).

This interpretation can be made in any location in Venice, from the simplest Trattoria to the most trendy location as all artists are very versatile.

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