Magic Illusions

The Art of Illusion

There are many serious and well-prepared artists practicing the art of magic illusions in order to create emotion, fun, interest, and participation of mind about what is happening on stage, thus shaping a blend of elegance and a crescendo of emotions.

Magic illusions shows for events in Venice are used to entertaining Guests even with their direct participation in the show so that the evening may be transformed into fun.

Magis illusions with artists recognized worldwide

Unique and unusual events because all artists are real professionals who often perform for important events, circuses and in the most important national and foreign television channels.

The show has a duration ranging from 2.30/3.00 hours, which may begin during the cocktail in order to welcome the people present and continue during lunch where the Illusionist will switch between the tables involving all the guests with his/her magic tricks that happen right under their eyes and in their hands. In this way, each table will receive a personalized show and the entertainment will make the interaction easier between people who are at the same table but they do not know each other yet.

It is also possible to round off with a “Magic Stage”; a dedicated play to everyone which lasts about 15 minutes. (about this we need the first check if the room has the logistical conditions to ensure good visibility to all the Guests) The entertainment offered is professional, elegant, never intrusive and very ironic so adapt to everyone with a lot of fun during the show.

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