Mandolin Violin

For an exclusive event a concert of the class

For an exclusive event, we propose a chamber ensemble consisting of mandolin violin, mandola, and guitars that reports to the public the tradition for plucked instruments that were initiated during the Renaissance in Veneto Region through the families of luthiers as Tieffenbrucker and Sellas continuing later in the Baroque with the mandolin concertos by Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Hasse, and the beautiful instruments built by Giuseppe Molinari up to the cameos in the works by Ermanno Wolf.

The components of mandolin violin are graduates of the Conservatory

Training is formed by a group of professional musicians, from a quartet to octet, Conservatory graduates able to deal with a very wide repertoire ranging from baroque music to opera, from the traditional Neapolitan music to music for Christmas and that can be prepared ad hoc for any event or particular request.

Every event we organize in the city of Venice has succeeded in a careful analysis by our events office in order to find the most suitable representative solution that the customer is looking for. Therefore, several entertainment solutions are proposed that are in line with the mood of the event itself so that the customer has different types to choose the one he/she likes the most. All our proposals as well as all the artists we use are all people with decades of experience and obviously suitable to entertain any parterre.

Send your request specifying the type of event, we will propose you the most appropriate solution.

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