Corporate Entertainment

Wonderful performances

Acrobats for corporate entertainment in Venice with unique performances of the highest technical level. They present their shows hanging from beams, cranes and any other suspended objects but also with show on the ground. Their breathtaking performances attract the total attention of guests thanks to their physical ability and endurance, but also thanks to the impressive music, costumes and choreography that make each show unique and inimitable.

For an event of prestige with corporate entertainment

There are different types of artists who can be employed for any kind of event and adapted to the evening’s mood and obviously to the Customer’s choice. For the performance of these phenomenal artists, we need to have covered spaces with fairly important surfaces depending on the type of show to perform. All acrobats are real circus professionals who attended special circus schools with years of experience behind and not people who improvise for the evening, so fun is guaranteed.

All the artists proposed are professionals in the field and over the years have performed in the best world circuses in addition to having participated in the most exclusive events both in Italy and abroad and, with their representations, have won over the public. Every performance made leaves the audience astonished as well as creating a crescendo of emotions.

Upon sending the request, please specify the type of artist you will like to have at your event, plus the name of the location because we have to enquire with the locations if the demanded show is feasible, because not all the locations allow these performances.

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