Funny Waiters

Sober or Funny

Perfectly camouflaged among regular waiters, people do not notice the oddities of these characters who seem apparently normal. They are real waiters that slowly, during the event, start to do very “strange and unusual things” but above all to behave in a very unusual way such doing imperceptible “physical tics”, or walking up and down in the room without s specific reason and so on. Later on, with the passing of time, they will give the idea to the Guests to be funny waiters but at the same time, Guests will ask themselves where these waiters came out.

A grotesque and surreal animation that develops during a dinner involving unbeknownst all the people in a crescendo of complicity and surprise.

The funny waiters entertain the audience throughout the event. They can be very nice and sober for more elegant ceremonies or hilarious and cabaret for more “animated events.” Entertainment is inspired by the comic force of the British humorist school (Buster Keaton, Chalie Chaplin Laurel, and Hardy, Mister Bean, Benny Hill) which assure that touch of class and exclusivity able to meet the taste of even the more refined “palate”.

Guaranteed fun with the funny waiters

This animation/show is particularly suitable for environments such as corporate dinners, weddings, meetings with a few or many guests. Our group of waiters, in fact, can vary from 2 to 4 artists.

This exhibition is suitable for any type of event as these gentlemen know how to interact with all types of the public; in fact, with their elegance and sympathy, they are easily able to make everyone participate.

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