Mosaic Team

The benefits of team building are widely known to increase greater knowledge, participation and cohesion among the various participants. This technique should be brought back into the corporate environment to better coordinate the various departments. For example, the activity we offer takes place in a historic Murano glass factory where staff trained to manage this type of activity and welcoming environments make it unique for the mosaic team.

Mosaic team technique for corporate team building in Venice

Mosaic is a pictorial technique widespread in antiquity and the East, consisting in combining with a specific design, marble or even glass fragments called “tessere”. Indeed, this technique was particularly appreciated in Alexandria, in Greece and by the Romans who used it for floor and wall coverings.

The procedure used today is the same as the one used in the past: on a layer of fresh stucco, tracing the design to be followed, the minute or larger tiles are applied. Then, to make the tiles adhere to the bottom, in addition to the concrete, a special mastic can be used which makes the work lighter.

In the same way, for corporate team building, a wooden base with plaster is chosen and applications of coloured Venetian murrine with various sizes are subsequently inserted.

Importantly, the finished product does not require baking, therefore the created object is given to the participants at the end of the course.

To sum up, the realization of the various objects takes approximately 45 minutes per person.

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