Circus Team Building Venice

The circus team building Venice is an excellent means of cohesion to help all members of a Company to team up and get to know each better in order to gain a good level of individual well-being and balance in the relationship between working time spent within the Company and the private one. Participants will be assisted by street artists: Jugglers, Waders, Wizards, Clowns and much more to engage with the various arts of magic and clowning making it all collaborative and fun using the same equipment that artists use for their workouts and learning the same communication skills to attract multiple people. The circus with its magic and its colors is a world suspended between reality and spell, therefore ideal for team building activities and for all those who have difficulties in communication and for those who want to improve it by implementing new strategies negotiation, learning, and research for social relations.

Learning empathic communication is essential to promote and strengthen the Company’s brand reputation. Nowadays, communication is the tool that allows us to approach potential customers to help them memorize the brand, stimulate their memory and not least trying to make them become customers.

It is possible to carry out the activity at any time of the year outdoor or indoor (even at the Company premises).

Aims to be achieved with art circus team building Venice

  • Develop balance and precision;
  • Improve skills and abilities;
  • Improve performance;
  • Improve communication with others;
  • Increase and develop the cooperative spirit of the group.

The work will be divided into 2 parts:


  • Laboratory activity of circus arts;
  • Juggling items;
  • Explore your own clown;
  • Mime and body movement;
  • Gag and clown’s behavior;
  • First references to magic;
  • Some effect of magic and micro magic;
  • Numbers on stage;
  • Preparing small performances of circus arts.


  • Improvisation;
  • Relationship with the public;
  • How to prepare a show;
  • Dynamics of being on stage;
  • Final representation with performance and show.

Suitable from a minimum of 15 pax to a maximum of 30/40 pax. Representation indicated for indoors or outdoors with sheltered space. Duration 3/4 hours.

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