The Footsteps Of Casanova – Treasure Hunt Venice

We propose an unpublished treasure hunt named in the footsteps of Casanova, freely inspired by the daring Venetian character Giacomo Casanova, known as the greatest seducer of the Republic of the Serenissima. An eclectic character who loves a comfortable life that could not always be afforded between theaters, gambling dens with the loss of huge sums at the Ridotto and Casini (appointment houses) with sumptuous dinners and gallant encounters with the beauty of the moment. More than for his beauty, Casanova possessed an irresistible personality and superior oratories that made him excel in the European courts.

The meeting with the participants will take place in front of Santa Lucia Railway Station in Venice where the rules of the game will be explained, the envelopes will be delivered with the name assigned to each team and a Captain will be appointed who will be in charge of his own group and coordinate it throughout the journey. The envelopes delivered will contain the program, the rules of the game, the various puzzles and the map of the route that each group will have to follow scrupulously to get to the final.

An exciting treasure hunt within the footsteps of Casanova

Along the way, there will be four stations where the participants will find our theatrical actors dressed in Venetian clothes such as Colombina, Marco Polo and others who will welcome the participants to ask them questions about Casanova’s life and for each correct question the group will receive points which will be added to all the other tests and counted at the end to declare the winning group.

The whole game will take place in typically suggestive areas of the city, therefore in addition to creating a strong cohesion, interest and a growing of emotions among the participants of each team, groups will have the possibility to know Venice under a historical-cultural profile and in part its millennial history.

There are no prizes unless they are requested directly by the Customer at a separate cost.

The end of the game in the footsteps of Casanova will be in St. Mark’s Square.

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