Carnival Mask

Techniques for the realization of Venetian masks

Carnival mask decoration course specific for team building in Venice for the production of the typical Venetian masks. All courses are ideal for team building, groups, families and, children, of course. The course will be introduced by an assistant who will give explanation before the beginning of the course as well as historical notes of the typical Venetian masks paintings such as the “Bauta or Bautta” used by the Doge of Venice or “Moretta” used as a tool of seduction along with many others, in addition to the traditional techniques used in the past. Decoration of a genuine Venetian mask handmade from real papier-mache by using different styles and techniques.

Choose your model for the carnival mask decoration course

The carnival mask course will be as follows: choice of the model among the over fifty available thus depending on whether the mask is used for Theater or other, photos of all the processing stages during the course with an explanation from the staff and choice among the eight available techniques. Each participant will be able to decorate his/her own handmade mask in papier-mache to his/her liking with tempera or acrylic paint, or metallic colors like gold. Silver and copper can be added to give the effect of brilliance with the addition of various types of wax for the final touch – in addition to the choice of the most appropriate colored ribbon to match the finished mask which will be held by the participant.

Many languages available

Courses will be held into Italian, English, Russian and French.

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