Amazing Dare

A new and exciting corporate team building in Venice for all those who are looking for something sparkling and energetic both mentally and physically. The amazing dare we offer should not be understood as a classic marathon, as it is not!!

Our formula is a concentration of both physical and intellectual activities that reflect the history and culture of Venice.

A truly incredible race where the competitors in the various stages receive clues from the staff to solve during the competition; something always relevant to the history and traditions of Venice.

Are you ready for the challenge?

This defiance has as its main purpose to help you overcome your limits. Limits are created by your mind and you only see what your mind wants to see.

Run when you have to run, stop and think when you have to reason and think … then let go of your instincts … he knows where to take you.

Create your story and make it unique

From now on you have to build your story in Venice. It has to be a particular story different from the others, a story that highlights your characteristics.

During this game, as it is a game, you have to demonstrate and hone certain skills and demonstrate a feeling of solidarity towards your fellow adventurers.

You have to try to create an altruistic bond between you.

Teams are formed and each team will have his leader. The leader does not have an easy task because he has to lead his team to victory.

You have a budget at your disposal that you manage at best. With this budget, you have to pass a series of tests. You use it to buy, rent or travel by public or private means of transport.

To win, and it will not be easy, YOU leader has to bring your team to the finish line first but you also have to make sure that your team has completed all the tests that have been assigned to it exhaustively and correctly.

What are you waiting for? – Join us in this exciting amazing dare and hone your skills as a leader to bring back into your company.

Benefits of this amazing dare team building in Venice

This activity can be tailored to any group, with different levels of difficulty and complexity to suit all ages and abilities. Furthermore, it promotes teamwork and encourages communication and collaboration. Additionally, it encourages learning and experimentation, which can help people develop new skills.

It also helps to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, while providing an enjoyable and engaging experience. In addition, it can be adapted easily to any environment, making it flexible and versatile.

This in turn can lead to greater productivity, efficiency, and better problem-solving capabilities. It also allows people to stay up to date with the latest trends in their field and discover new opportunities.

Moreover, it can also help to create a diverse and inclusive workplace as it opens the door to a wider talent pool. It can also reduce overhead costs for the company, allowing them to invest their resources in other areas.

By expanding the reach of their talent search, employers can find people with more varied backgrounds and experiences, which can add new perspectives and ideas to the workplace, saving them money in the long run.

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