Survival Course

Our survival course is one of the most adventurous team-building elements of our programming.

However, if you think this is one of the usual team building activities for survival, you will have to change your perspective. You will not have to face extreme trials.

You will be dropped off on an island in the Venice lagoon and explore it far and wide. The island is sparsely inhabited, and the landscape is made up of wonderful vegetable gardens – thus, time seems to have stopped during the glorious era of the Serenissima Republic.

Nobody can help you. In order to succeed, you will have to practice your discovery and organization skills.

But, beware, this is not an occupation action, but a process of getting to know a territory. This is because knowing a territory is the first step towards respecting it. Every place can teach you and help you grow.

Take our survival course to test your critical thinking skills!

Surviving is not fighting against dark forces but understanding where we are and interacting with the surrounding environment through positive energies.

The first thing to do is focus on the positive to create concrete results and build a bright future. Connecting your actions will be important, and every individual action will be beneficial to the group as a whole.

As you understand, this is not traditional team building but you will certainly have to hone the following skills with your group:

  • Analysis through critical thinking;
  • Ability to interact with your group;
  • Propose solutions;
  • Energy at work.

Take on the spirit of someone who wants to explore new spaces and respects cultures and beliefs different from your own.

Ultimately, the most revealing thing is to establish a dialogue with the natural world. The environment will stimulate change.

You don’t have to panic, on the contrary, you must try to find inspiration to create an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance.

Fear should not only create distrust but also inspire, because only in a harmonious relationship with nature a better future can be created.

The energy at work can be used to increase productivity. It can also help to create a positive work culture and foster collaboration. It is essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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